X-men Apocalypse update details on title villian

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xmen apocylpseSpeaking with IGN, regarding the title namesake of the egerly anticipated X-men Apocalypse, script writer Michael Dougherty gave his own description of Apocalypse, detailing why viewers will empathize with the all-powerful antagonist:

“The idea that he sort of comes from a world where things might have been reversed, where mutants weren’t a persecuted minority, that there was a period where they were considered supernatural deities, it’s a fascinating premise. And what happens when that character, in sort of a Rip Van Winkle fashion, enters our world… it made that character not just a big guy hellbent on world domination, but it gave him a heart that I think we can all relate to.”x-men-apocalypse-characters (1)

Singer has gone on record to say that this film will mark the “true birth of the X-Men,” rebooting the universe and giving the series a fresh start. Dougherty seems to agree, but indicated that the writers aren’t worried about future films just yet:

“We actually didn’t talk that much about where things are going to head… We were really focused on just laying the groundwork for this film. And knowing that of course you’re going to have an ending that opens itself up to more exploration. The X-Men universe is sort of built for that. It’s built for growth.”