X-men Apocalypse major details on main villain inside!

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Even though the X-men had always been one of my most favorite comic books when I was a kid (until ironically they did the Age of Apocalypse storyline and the artwork went to shit)X-Men_Vol_2_1_Full_Gatefold_Cover True_Believers_Age_of_Apocalypse

For me, I do not care how big and bad the storyline is, if the artwork is crap then I won’t read it, period.  So the age of Apocolypse was the end of my reading x-men comics and I am fearing the same will happen to the upcoming film.  The film franchise of the X-men was been a bit of a watershed series of event, and i do not mean that in a good way, it proved again and again that a movie based on comic book superheroes does have a limitrd breaking point when it comes to the ratio of characters you can introduce into a film and when the plot simply cannot accompany any more and becomes oppressed under the weight of it own cast of characters.  And this is nothing new, it started way back in 1992 with Batman Returns and has remained, as recently seen in Batman vs Superman, and as for the X-men films, well do the math and you’re immediately starting with a large problematic cast of characters.

SO that is my in-trepidation for the newest coming X-men branded feature film.  And it does not help my nerves that the titular named Apocalypse looks to me way too much like the the djinn from the Wishmaster film series…X-Men-Apocalypse-Storm-Comic-Origin wishmaster-3-djinn


Anyway on with the latest news, from director Bryan Singer who gives major details on the upcoming X-men movie villian after the jump