Wayward Pines: first episode, first impressions

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Wayward_Pines_IntertitleThe first surprises of the new television series Wayward Pines on Fox and based on A novel called Pines by Blake Crouch has nothing to do with the actual plot itself but rather with the people involved.  The series is executively produced and directed by  M. Night Shyamalan, whom I thought had completely ended his own career with a back to back to back series of commercially and critially paned films, some even considered the worst ever which you would think is a hard feat to accomplish, namely The Village, Lady in the Water, The Last Airbender.  Then making a modest success with Devil before blowing it again with After Earth. Lets hope he can redeem himself with his first official directed and written horror film titled “The Visit” coming out later this year.The_Visit_(2015_film)_poster

The second surprises were the cast.  Matt Dillion portrays the lead, Ethan Burke a secret service agent who awakes in a hospital after an auto accident in a strange, unassuming town called Wayward Pines.  The reason I consider this a surprise is that he is one of those actor who had been absent from the limelight, enough that you think he stopped acting and became an insurance salesman.

Whenever I see him or hear his name all I can think about is his fight with the dog in “There’s something about Mary”, and of course the threesome he had in WIld Things with Neve Campbell and Denise Richardson

mary god scene

wild things



And finally was the not as surprising co-star in Juliette Lewis, who has just finish her role in the first season of the aptly titled  ABC  murder mystery series Secrets and Lies, portraying the lead investigator who is attempting to discover the truth behind the killing of a young boy.

As for the first episode of the series itself, I immediately had two thoughts, it is better than the 2010 NBC series Persons Unknown, which held a similar feel and plot, which was ok for the first few episodes before quickly becoming more confusing than interesting, and two  that it is not (yet)  it is not as good as Twin Peaks. which is rumored, like the X-files , to be returning to television for a short running mini series style event.

What are the secrets of Wayward Pines, Why is no one allowed to leave?  What is the connections which are unseen so far?  And probably the most pressing question, can director, writer, executive producer, M. Night SHamalam finally provide the public with a strong, new series, untethered from  his past history of career missteps and commercial failures. we will see eventually.