Walking Dead spinoff show gets a teaser trailer and synopsis

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fear the walking dead

While I feel at times that the AMC hit series The Walking Dead, after five seasons, is becoming a bit too much like its namesake, slow, redundent, and a bit mindless, as the unrelentless status quo of “the world has gone to shit and is infested with walking dead things, and you can’t trust anyone” continues and yet it is still interesting enough to keep tuning in each season.

AMC has been so confident about the show that it has already ordered two seasons of the upcoming spinoff series titled “Fear the Walking Dead”  which is planned as a prequel.

As the original series actually began 28 days about a month into the outbreak, the spinoff will fill in the gap and assumably show the earliest days, what led up to the current status quo which I think will be more exciting and entertaining watching the new set of characters discover and come to grips with what is happening while keeping a strong tension due to the audience knowing what is coming.  A lot like what made the Starz Spartacus prequel series “Gods of the Arena”  so good. You knew what was coming just not how and why it will become what already is and what will be.

As far as the plot is concerned – Miranda (Kim Dickens) is a divorced mother of two who works as a guidance counselor at an L.A. high school. She’s currently in a relationship with Sean (Cliff Curtis), another teacher at her school and fellow divorcee. Miranda’s kids are Nick (Frank Dillane), aged 19 and Ashley (Alycia Debnam-Carey), aged 17.

As the series begins, Nick is battling with heroin addiction and Ashley is preparing to graduate high school and go to college. Miranda is doing her best to handle the needs of both her children while still being available to Sean, who is also struggling to maintain a relationship with his own son from a previous marriage.  Check out the teaser trailer below.  The series is scheduled for a late summer/ early fall release.