TRON 3 canceled by DIsney

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Multiple outlets are reporting that Disney has pulled the plug on TRON 3.  And honestly I am not that surprised, in spite of its big shiny radical ultra cool visual effects, they were simply not enough to compensate for the lackluster plot and the sub par acting.  and even they lose something unless you are seeing it on a big screen and in 3D 

Of course, TRON 3 would’ve been another big-budget gamble as it only brought in$400 million on a $170 million budget, add in the marketing costs and it surely would be closer to $200 million. And with three nearly consecutive financial bombs, John Carter, Lone Ranger and now, Tomorrowland and not to want to embarrass Disney,  but the live action Cinderella (directed by Kenneth Branagh) has recently outgrossed Legacy, in terms of overall box office receipts.                       No seriously, go look it up at box office mojo if you don’t believe me

Well, I guess there is always Pirates of the Caribbean 5…

source THR