Transformers cinematic universe being planned?

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dino bot

Now as a kid I loved the Transformers and like most movie geeks was in awe of the ideal and visual spectacle of the first film… that is until I actually watched the movie.  As cool as it was to see the Transformer characters on the big screen, the script was such an incoherent mess, that I found myself wondering how the actors could say any of their lines with any resemblance of conviction.

Then came the second film, which was equally disappointing, I had the same reaction to the first film,  It was like being in the middle of a hurricane or a tornado… what I mean is both films were loud and visually stunning and there was a lot of destruction and mayhem… but you were still watching a disaster.

The third was better (good but not great) if only for the small bits of humor, and seeing the DinoBots. (and seing Nicole Peltz again, I did not realize how much I had missed her since giving up on  the deadfully boring A%E  series Bates Motel)


Now rumor has it Paramont  is negotiating a deal with Oscar-winning screenwriter Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind, I am Legend and I, Robot)  to flesh out new films, sequels or spinoffs, or even the possibility of a Transformer – G.I. Joe cross over. I just hope he can learn from the mistakes of what came before and not get pushed around by Michael Bay.