Tons of Marvel Cinematic Universe news, phase 3, the infinity stone and more…

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InfinityGauntletHEaderKevin Feige gave tons of details and exciting news on the future of Marvel cinematic universe films (phase 3) infinity war films, infinity stones specifically and more….

By the conclusion of Avengers 2 and in the aftermath of Guardians of the Galaxy, it’s more or less clear where a majority of the all-powerful Infinity Stones have landed. Two, however, still remain a mystery.

“You will absolutely see the other two [Infinity Stones] sometime in Phase Three,” quips Feige. “After all, there’s a Gauntlet that needs to be filled.” But the careful connection between these massive films and the meticulous plotting required to fuel their meta-story has been a constant balancing act.

“It really began with Iron Man 2, building out the architecture for the entirety of Phase One. The notion of the Tesseract being not only the thing that ties Phase One together but that can also be a major part of Phase Two,” notes Feige. “I can’t say that it was all perfectly laid out in 2009, but that was certainly the genesis of it.”Thanos-Sixth-Scale-Figure-by-Sideshow-Collectibles

“We always want the filmmakers to go and make the movie they want to make, not let the craziness of the world get in the way of that,” adds Latcham. “Afterwards, we can be certain that everything lines up and make those corrections. But the main thing is to allow each film to be as fun as possible…”

“For example, we always knew going into Age of Ultron that the stone in Loki’s scepter that would eventually end up in Vision’s head,” says Feige. Referencing Guardians of the Galaxy, however, he continues, “But others come out of more simple, structural plot needs. A filmmaker might say, okay, there’s a mysterious orb driving this story. At which point, we’ll suggest, alright, then let’s put something inside that orb.”

Marvel-Phase-3-Thanos-Infinity-Gauntlet-Tease (1)And speaking of Guardians….