Tim Curry makes rare apperance

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When many people hear the name Tim Curry the are fondly frightened, due mainly to some of his most iconic roles such as , Darkness, darknessfrom the 1908s classic Legend,

Dr Frankenfurter, rock horrorfrom the classic Rocky Horror Picture Show

or as Pennywise pennywise teethin the 1990 miniseries Stephen King’s IT

But Tim Curry’s recent apperance at the Tony Awards (were he accepted a Lifetime Achievement Award)  may have been one of his most frightening (or sad) apperances.  After suffering a stroke a few years back, Curry is now wheelchair bound and looking gaunt and frail, then again he is almost seventy years old.

It is a sobering reminder that while our favorite moments and actors or acctresses remain in our hearts and minds, trapped in the moments and characters they have portrayed, and in a real sense are imortalized on film and in television, Hollywood maybe a “horrible bitch goddess”  but time is an uncomprimising and relentless whore.


Honored: Tim Curry made a rare public appearance as he was honored with The Actors Fund Lifetime Achievement Award on Sunday at the Tony Awards Viewing Party in Los Angeles