The Vatican Tapes trailer now online

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vatican tapes

From the decent religious supernatural horror films such as the 1999 film “Stigmata”, and the “Last Exorcism” to the dual prequels of the original 1972 “Exorcist”, and then “The Rite” starring Anthony Hopkins, then to the  more absurd  under achiving supernatural horror films such as “Deliver Us From Evil” and “The Last Exorcism 2” to the more surprisingly good films such “The Devil Inside” and the 2000 film  “Lost Souls”

I am a pathetic fool for the religious supernatural horror film subgenre.  And the ironic thing about the upcoming film “The Vatican Tapes” or at least it’s trailer is that it offers only what we have seen before, each scene appears to mimic a scene from each of the films listed above, nothing new can be found.  It’s almost like a memory game to try and see if you can match the scenes in the trailer for the film scheduled to be released on May 22nd with the film scene of what came before.   Watch the trailer and test you memory…