The Ring 3 not a prequel to the original film

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The upcoming ‘new’ chapter in the horror franchise ‘the Ring’ which had been adapted from a japanese novel and then, to a (japanese) television series and then a (japanese) film series, and then into an american film and a sequel follows a video tape (VHS)  which is possessed or cursed by a vengeful spirit name Samara Morgan.



Who, after you watch her VHS tape kills you in 7 days unless you can make a copy and get someone else to watch it for you. After two successful american films the third installment was at one time rumor to be 3d and then rumored to be a prequel, now details have emerged that the new film titled ‘Rings’ which is scheduled to be release in November of 2015 will not in fact be an origin story but will take place 13 years after the events of the first (american) 2002 film.  Unfortunately other than that no (confirmed) details has surfaced.