The Following canceled by Fox… did your favorite series survive?

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I am not sure that God exists but have always had the feeling that, well, someone is out to get me.  And sadly that seems to be that is doubly true when it comes to television series I enjoy Some not even getting past the first season, such as “Crisis”  “Last Resort”  and NYC 22. 

This time it is the Kevin Bacon series the Following which, after a strong first season seemed to lose its way in season 2 by giving up on the cult of  seemingly normal people who worshiped Egar Allen Poe and replacing it with a generic mundane run of the mill cult in Season two, before redeeming itself in season 3 by introducing the super hacker, chameleon persona, ultimate “student” named Theo portrayed with style by Michael Ealy.  But apparently for all his style and superior abilities mix with a genuine clam demeanor personality behind which hid a brilliant if not psychotic killer was not enough to get Fox to renew the series.

And I was just strting to like him.  (Theo) Oh well.

At least we can take some solace in the fact that two better other crime drama series are being renewed, such as the expectantly cleverly scripted,  non linear, unreliable narration that is the ABC series “How to Get Away With Murder” and the aptly titled Secrets and Lies starring Ryan Phillippe and Juliette Lewis. Even  if the current rumor is that Phillippe will not be returned for season 2