Terminator Genysis director says his film will be more “human”

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After watching the trailers for the next step into the Terminator mythos, I felt uneasy, the same uneasiness I felt watching the first trailer for the Star Trek reboot, it all seems so familiar, and yet different at the same time. Yet it promises to be a “reboot”  in the truest sense of the term.  In an interview director Alan Taylor tried to put everyone’s concerns to rest saying:

 The first two are just our compass, our inspiration, and our guide. We can’t be what they are. The key element in the first two films I envy is the incredible simplicity…

…We don’t have the same simplicity because we’re trying to do a lot. We’re trying to bridge the things that have existed in the mythology before and be true to it while we’re launching something new. So there’s a kind of complexity that comes with that that I think is part of the defining quality of this movie that I think makes it richer. There’s a kind of denser mythology already in place that we have to service. And the fact that it’s more epic already, whether you want it to be or not, there’s a lot of history behind it that you’ve got to be aware of and serve, but trying to combat that by keeping it focused on the relationships that matter that have grown up out of this set of stories that people have invested in. It is very strange that the third and fourth movies ran away from that stuff. As soon as you spend all the time in the future, I think you lose a huge element of what Terminator films are great at. For me, one of the main elements of the first two movies was it was always about the world that we all know that we can identify with…humans, we can identify with where something happens that’s completely awesome and unstoppable and absolutely comes into that world. By the time they got to the later one and it was all in the future, I felt like it sort of lost the main intentions of the Terminator mythology.

I can appreciate his point of view and can only hope the film and its two confirmed sequels which already have release dates. can live with the mythology and down trodden previous installments and the history that is coming when the film premieres on July 1st.

source: screenrant