Terminator 5 wraps up shooting, officially subtitled “Genisys”

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The Terminator himself has confirmed on  his facebook the filming has finished on the next chapter of the Terminator franchise.    Other sources have reported that not only will this be the first in a new “stand alone” trilogy, for the now 30 year old film series, but also speculated that apparently the story line is a rip off   imitation of Back-to-the-Future (2) time traveling to revisit key moments from the original film and T2.  Let’s just pray that the juxtaposition is well played out like Star Trek (2009)  and doesn’t  fall prey to the J.J. Abrams effect and become a miscalculated mess. (Yes i’m looking at YOU Star Trek: Into Darkness)  In related T5 the film is now officially subtitled Genisys, and scheduled for a July 1st 2015 release.


sources: screenrantArnold Schwarzenegger

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