Superman vs Batman rumor Doomsday confirmed?

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bat man vs superman poster
The battle field is filling up for the upcoming DC film Superman vs Batman, according to the rumor mill the film will also see appearances by a number of other famed DC comics heroes and villains alike.  Including Aquaman portrayed by Jason Momoa who is apparently reported to have recently written F@!k Marvel on a fans poster.

aquaman jason moma

An appearance by Wonder Woman, to be portrayed by Gal Gadot though her real part to play is unclear… if only to make an appearance to set up her own upcoming film, tentatively scheduled for a 2017 release.womder woman alone

On the other side of the battle will include Lex Luthor who alone  wouldn’t pose much of a challenge to Superman and Batman (or Wonder Woman) in a fight unless he utilized some soft of technology like a suit of armour.




lex luther suit

Along with Luther is rumored to see the return (however brief) of General Zod and the character of the characte of The Cyborg.(Which incarnation is unclear as is his actual role in the film)

And then finally it has been confirmed (at least according to Umberto Gonzalez, on a recent podcast) that Doomsday is making an appearance supposedly as the main threat to all involved. If it is true, his appearance would be the coolest secret since the surprise appearance of Thanos at the end of the Avenger.

source Shanlian on Batman via