Stephen Spielberg planning Adaptation Of Michael Crichton’s ‘Micro’

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Michael-Crichton-Micro-coverConsidering the last time Stephen Spielberg made a movie based on a Michael Crichton novel was the monster box office smash Jurassic Park I am suprised it took this long for Spielberg to find another one of Crichton’s many scifi thriller novels to adapt into film.

The Wrap has revealed that Spielberg has acquired the film rights to Crichton’s Micro,

The second posthumous book completed and published after the author’s death, “Micro” follows a group of graduate students lured to a lucrative job at a bio-tech company in Hawaii – only to find themselves shrunk down to a microscopic level and forced to survive the dangers of the rainforest.

“We are so pleased to have this opportunity to develop Micro,” Spielberg said. “For Michael, size did matter whether it was for Jurassic’s huge dinosaurs or Micro’s infinitely tiny humans.” Spielberg is developing the film at DreamWorks, while Frank Marshall will produce and Sherri Crichton and Laurent Bouzereau of CrichtonSun will executive produce.