Stephen King’s “Mr Mercedes” adaption announced…

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The literary world of famed writer Stephen King has always been a hot bed for hollywood. Very few other writers body of works have been so voraciously adapted for both the big screen and .

Currently developing projects include a proposed multimedia spanning adaption(s) of the Dark Tower book series by Ron Howard and a Hard R rated” two-part big screen adaption of the Novel “IT.” (be sure and check out the website devoted to the project at the end of this post)

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And while not every finished creation have been  worthy adaptions when measured again their source material. (remember “Apt Pupil” from 1998 directed by Bryan Singer? No…?  starring Ian Mckellen and Brad Renfro still nothing…? I’m not surprised. Or how about the 1993 film “The Dark Half” directed by George Romero he should have just stuck with his zombie films which starred Timothy Hutton in a polarized, dual role. Again nothing?

Still there have been some really terrific film and television adaption in more recent years, such as 2007’s “1408” (trailer) starring in a surprisingly good performance John Cusack along side a not so surprisingly good Samuel L. Jackson,


the same year there was Frank Darabont’s terribly undervalued masterpiece “The Mist” (Which should have been released as the director intended, in unsettling and mood catching grainy black and white) the only way to see the originally planned  and superior version sadly is on special 2 disc dvd  Buy it on Amazon here

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There have also been a number of lesser known direct to video gems which should not be missed, such as “The Night Flier” back in 1997.



…the faithful 2002 television remake of “Carrie” which by it’s very existence is yet another reason the absurd 2013 film was a completely unnecessary experience.  The television miniseries remake of ‘Salem’s Lot in 2004, and the direct to video film “Riding the Bullet” which came out the same year.riding the bullet





And While the most recently television series adaption “Under the Dome” was, even after two seasons, painfully tedious and in dramatic terms, well, boring.  The only reason I watched it was blind curiosity and laziness not having the desire to read the massive 1074 page novel itself.

Now, Sonar has just announced development of one of Stephen King’s most recent novels, “Mr Mercedes” described by King himself as a “Hard-Boiled Detective story”  in which a retired detective hunts a serial killer who has a penchant for murdering his victims using his Mercedes. (automobile)

Reports suggest that Sonar Entertainment has hired David E. Kelly for writing duty (Alley McBeall, Boston Public) and picked Jack Bender (Lost) to direct and produce alongside Stephen King and Sonar CEO Gene Stein.


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