Stephen King’s Cell trailer now online..

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I will admit something, for me reboots and remakes are generally a simple curiosity for me.  Most are done poorly, a few are made with good intentions.  That being said, I personally feel that its about time to revive and revisit many of Stephen Kings films, while remakes of the Stand and Carrie and Salems Lot have been tortured to death and as King himself once put so perfectly, “everything is eventual”  and I personally would like to see an updated version of Some of his older novels, specifically Firestarter, and Pet Cemetery. And while many of the attempts to bring kings novels and stories to life have been less than stellar achievements (Desperation, Dolan’s Cadillac and the series Nightmares and Dreamscapes and Under the Dome)

Still it might seem that King’s books are reaching a possible RenaissanceStephen-King-Collage-e1422334474385, with many upcoming adaptions, such as From a Buick 8, the double film IT, Dr Sleep (the sequel to the Shinning)  Overlook Hotel (a prequel to the Shinning) Mr Mercedes, (King’s first “hard Boiled detective story) and the long awaited Dark Tower.  And now his 2006 book Cell now has a new trailer.