Stephen King Dr Sleep film adaption finds a writer

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stephen-king-doctor-sleep-movieThere are currently so many different Stephen King properties in some sort of active development in hollywood at the moment spanning all available methods of media its hard to keep up with all the different news.

Hulu has its TV series 11.22.63 based on the King novel of the same name, while movies such as The Dark Tower, It, and Revival – even rumblings over the years about progress being made on a prequel movie to King’s The Shining (titled Overlook Hotel) – though that project is not based on any King original novel., but may be possibly taking some liberties from the rare, little know, King prologue titled “before the play” which was officially excised from the original manuscript.

Shinning, which itself has had two very different adaptions by hollywood, first the classic film starring Jack Nicholson and directed by master filmmaker Stanley Kubrick and the 1997 television miniseries which was created from a Teleplay written by King himself and which was a more accurate depiction of Kings original novel.

Now Tracking Board is reporting that Akiva Goldsman has been tasked with adapting Doctor Sleep, the 2013 sequel to King’s the for the big screen for Warner Bros. Pictures, with producers Jon Berg and Jon Gonda.  Currently, there is no director attached to the project, nor does WB have a release date.  Goldsman, who picked up his Oscar for penning his frequent collaborator/director Ron Howard’s John Nash biopic A Beautiful Mind, has a vast body of genre screenwriting work having worked on everything from ’90s superhero movies (Batman Forever, Batman & Robin) to post-apocalyptic thrillers (I Am Legend, The Divergent Series: Insurgent) and Dan Brown mystery/thriller book adaptations (The Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons).