Shinning prequel Overlook Hotel details inside…

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Overlook_Hotel_T_SHIRT_black_swatchJames Vanderbilt, one of the producers of the upcoming shinning prequel – The Overlook Hotel, recently spoke with Collider about the pressures of taking on The Shining and how this film will stand on its own, as it is only tangentially connected to its famous predecessor.

“You want a real filmmaker like Mark doing it… Honestly I think people will really be excited about it, because it’s not like ’20 Years Before The Shining!’. I don’t want to give too much away about the story but the way [screenwriter] Glen [Mazzara] cracked it and the way Mark has sort of cracked it, it’s completely it’s own film, which I think is super smart. It’s not like, ‘When Scatman Crothers was young, he…’ it’s not that.”Jack-Nicholson-as-Jack-Torrance-In-The-Shining

While we still do not know the specifics of the plot, Vanderbilt is effusive in his praise for the director, who clearly has a strong vision for what the movie will be. Romanek has parted ways with a number of studios over creative differences; namely, The Wolfman and Disney’s live-action Cinderella. But it sounds like he and Warner Bros. are on the same page for this production.

“One of the things that’s amazing about [Mark] is that he’s a strong filmmaker with his own convictions, and Mark is gonna make the movie Mark is gonna make… I think there’s something wonderful about a director who says, ‘No, this is the film.’ Fincher was the same way. It’s like, ‘This is the movie I wanna make. If you don’t wanna make that movie, that’s totally cool, then we won’t make the movie.’ And now as someone who’s directed a film, that’s kinda what you want. You want the captain of the ship to be like, ‘I know what the film is, I know how to make it, let’s go do it.’”

source Collider