Robotech movie gets a director

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robotechTHR reports that James Wan has now closed deal to direct a Robotech movie. This is no real surprise, as Wan has shown a great ability to grow as a film director, moving from films of the horror genre, such as insidious one and two and the conjuring, all which became extremely affluent at the box office, and were praised by fans and critics alike, to the action genre with Furious 7 which was extremely successful pulling in over a billion dollars, an unheard of thing for a sequel, especially one so far down the line of a franchise.

Even though I personally never got into Robotech, the long-running science fiction franchise that began with a 1985 anime series, in which humanity uses recovered alien technology to build giant transforming machines designed for intergalactic warfare and expanded into many series versions and films, still the ideal of a live action version of the show is exciting.

source THR