Robotech live action movie moving forward…?

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Honestly I never really got into Robotech (I was to busy watching ThunderCats and Voltron I suppose)  but I alway thought then and now that the concept was really cool. There have been many sequels to the original cartoon anime which originally debuted in 1985.  In 2007 Warner Bros. had acquired the rights and  that  Tobey Maguire  yeah I know right?  really? yes. really.  would be producing the film through his Maguire Entertainment banner.  Since then a lot of writers have come and gone from the project and last confirmed news (2013) it was reported that Leonardo DiCaprio was so interested in the project that he passed on a role in Star Wars episode 7… Deadline reports Gianni Nunori and Mark Canton has pick Michael B. Gordon (Zack Snyder’s 300) to write the film’s script and are looking at Andy Muschietti to direct it.

sources: Deadline IGN