the Ring 3 scheduled for October

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ring-3-rings-movie-release-date-2016I love horror movies, especially those which revolve around malevolent supernatural ghost characters.  I loved the Ring, and while the sequel was a bit underwhelming and stretched the boundaries of the vengeful Samara it still had its moments.  But i will confess I actually liked the short film Rings which unfortunately was only made available as an extra included with the re-release of the original american remake DVD.  Only 14 minutes long it is a masterpiece of strategic minimalist film making.  Not only does it directly the “seven days” before the opening scene in Ring 2 it gives more of a backstory to the events leading up to the first ten minutes of Ring 2 but also opens a whole new and surprising world into which the Ring films exist.  It portrays the Ring as a non-fiction device which has spread and become a social media experiment, a group of kids who share their experiences after watching the haunted VHS tape and obsessed with documenting everything, almost a right passage in a sense  finding out how long they can document their lives and experiences which become consistently more and more bizarre and dreadful.  After watching they have a “buddy system” wherein as the seventh day get closer and  the visions of Samara become too frightening “…no one has gotten farther than five days”  Their “buddy” is up next to watch and try to get to document the “seventh day”  I wont sat any more but check out the clip at the bottom of the post.Subliminal-Secret-Movie-Message-The-Ring

Wait a minute wasn’t this post about the upcoming Ring 3??  Yes you are correct, thanks for reminding me I was rambling…I digress, the Ring 3 (ironically also titled Rings…see there was a point to my rambling after all), was originally scheduled to be in theatres last November 2015 and then the release date was to have been nest month, April 2016 but now it will not hit theaters until October 28th this year instead.

The new film from director F. Javier Gutiérrez will feature a story centered around present-day events, picking up in real-time after Verbinski’s first installment in the American Ring movie series. The movie will feature an all new collection of characters, as portrayed by the likes of Matilda Lutz (Somewhere Beautiful), Alex Roe (The 5th Wave), and Johnny Galecki (The Big Bang Theory).



Source: Paramount Pictures