Review – the Quiet Ones (2014) –

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This movie was one of the most disappointing  horror films with one of the best teaser trailers,

it was only good in the horror genre conventional sense in the last 30 minutes, before then it used ever cheap trick in the book, even going as far as to use a pinhole frame silhouette for some of its night scenes, loud thumps and noises, boring characters jumping out from beyond the fame for no reason… it was like going to Busch Gardens for their annual Hollow-Scream, the general scares are not that great but the end of the trip, the roller coasters are the best…let me be clear – this is a decent horror flick, but only during the last 45-30 minutes of the film, you have to endure the previous almost hour and a half in order to see it….there are revelations only discovered in the last 1/4th of the film which are surprising and exhilarating and much anticipatedquiet ones main but the travel to get there is pure horror in the most boring and sublime sense of the words…the editing… oh dear god… it was as bad as the “last exorcist 2” intense scenes cut off abruptly for no reason, giving way to scenes that had no conscious or purpose.  Even the star Olivia Cooke who had become endeared to us as an audience due to her role as the vulnerable character Emma Decody in the at first sublime A&E series Bates Motel was a washed as a pale greasy haired victim of circumstance – even the use of a inner mouth/gum brand of evil – as used in another fatally bad film two years prior the Devil Inside was a show piece attempt at divulging shock and horror, even the quiet, decent controlled acting of Jared Harris would not hold the attention of this viewer.quiet ones stars

That being stated though, again I must stress, the last one-fourth of the film and the surprises and revelations uncovered are worth sitting through the menial attempts at simple scares. It is the destination and what it holds in the end, not the journey that makes this horror film enjoyable.