Review: Rubber (2010)

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Rubber-2010-film-posterIf the horror serial killer sub genre has taught us anything conclusive it is simply that homicidal murderers can be anyone, even children (Wake Wood , Home Video, the Children are some of my favorite yet underrated gems) or anything from killer animals (Monkey Shines, Cujo) to killer clowns, (you scream, we all scream for ice cream from the Masters of Horror anthology series) to savage homicidal vegetables (attack of the killer tomatoes)  and to more dramatically there are even movies about killer vaginas… yes you read that right, homicidal female genitalia. (Teeth 2008, and V/H/S Viral Parallel Monsters)

………So all that being said and done I suppose it is not that surprising or shocking that there finally came a film about a homicidal tire (yes that thing you put on your car)  oh and did I forget to mention that along with being a killer the tire is also telepathic..?  The 2010 black humor horror film Rubber is written and directed by french director Quentin Dupieux, and was originally released at the Cannes Film Festival to bewildered yet positive reactions. The film is wacky and entertaining it takes itself so seriously it is almost as brilliant as it is absurd.  So what is the film actually about? WHo really knows? Not me.  Is there a self designed purpose to a killer psychic rubber tire? No, no reason at all, which is actually specifically stated at the very beginning of the adventure into this 85 minutes of complete madness and fun. The opening dialogue defines the film with the words… (paraphrased) what are you watching, why is this happening…? No reason… no reason at all. Check out the trailer below