Review: “It follows” (2015)

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it follows poster
It Follows is a 2014 American supernatural horror film written and directed by David Robert Mitchell, and starring Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, and Jake Weary. The plot follows a young girl who is pursued by an indeterminate supernatural force I first heard about the film after it debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014 to critical praise.
Just from the poster one can immediately realize or at least assume the metaphor and secret behind the films plot, shared with such as “the hook man urban legend” or the 2007 black comedy horror film Teeth.

However the scares and genuine terror the film is able to create is a steady and consistent crescendo of fear and tension, which the basic premise in the end is really just a bad came of tag (your it) with an allegorical context which in the end is so obvious and simple, that i will not say it here to maintain silence on possibly spoiling any of the film by oversimplifying the film into a parable. That being said the terror of the film comes from its soundtrack which consistently builds a pulse pounding repetitive beat of tension reminiscent of what made movies like the original Halloween, and Sinister (2012) so effective and memorable. which has been described as disasterpeace. (you can listen to select pieces of the soundtrack streaming here.)

The plot of the film outside of its subtext is very similar to an episode of the 1986 horror, science fiction anthology series Amazing Stories, named Mirror, Mirror which was based itself on an ideal by StephenSpeilberg who executively produced the series.

In the end It Follows is a strong, refreshing horror flick, that works due to it’s unforgiving simplicity.