Review: Insidious 3

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insidious3-fb-bannerThe trailers suggested this installment in the insidious series would “go back to the beginning” – in theory that would have logically ment a story about the dad as a boy and the ghost of the old woman – however apparently back to the beginning  apparently is simply having a title card with the words
“…A few years before the Lambert haunting…”

And while the film did have a few loose connections to the other two, (basically the introduction of the further, the psychic, and the silly introduction of the two idiots and then the old woman spirit, thrown in if only to make the connection – the were just that, very loose, simple connections, nothing fact it would have been better to just stay with the old woman spirit or explained her character, given her a back story – rather than introduce another different evil spirit (though I will say the character of “the man who could not breathe” was rather disturbing, visually, but nothing else, we never get any understanding of why he wants the girl or what his motivation or backstory is. They really should have finished the fathers story it would have been a perfect “completion” to the previous installments. /its almost as bad as the underworld 4 in regards to non continuity/ – and the loose connections seemed only for the purpose of making connections to the previous films and subject to the already established history, and in that regard i dare say insidious 3 was as poor a film prequel as the texas chainsaw 2013 remake prequel, all the connections were pre determined and “just because…”

The film also used the cliché of having their lead tormented character disabled for most of the film to try and manufacture a sense of vulnerability and helplessness which the audience can then identify with as well as create a sense and tone of fear and panic due to the helplessness of the main character.  very similar to the horror film Jessebelle or Monkey Shines

The film itself did actually have a number of intense and surprisingly effective “jump scares” mostly though only effective because of the now classic insidious music accompanying each scare.

And then losing any built up credibility of being a decent horror movie by having one of the worst horror film endings of all time.
How bad you ask? Remember poltergeist 2, remember the last fifteen minutes of the film? It was very similar to that, that’s how bad. The old woman psychic actually ends up physically fighting the evil spirits (going as far as the actually head butt one of them) while in “the further” only to have the girl saved by the spirit of her mother, nearly identical to Carrie-Ann being saved b y her grandmother’s ghost in the “other side” in Poltergist 2.

Then to finally humiliate itself the old woman psychic give the most generic “psychic” speech ever and then laughs with the two idiots before deciding to all go into business together… the end… and prayfully the last in the series.