Review: I Spit on your grave 3

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I will lie and attempt to refrain from explicitly saying the word “enjoyed”when discussing this film if only for the condescending sake of those out there who would immediately decry this film due to its subject matter and content.

When i read the premise of Wikipedia i was intrigued, it seemed like arather logical and natural course of events as a direct sequel to the first film and I was even more intrigued that Sarah butler who has since expressed misgivings and regret over performing in the lead role or the original remake.

i_spit_on_your_grave_sarah butler nude

The basic concept of the film was a promising and worthwhile ideal,Butler,reprising her role as Jennifer, a woman who after surviving a vicious gang rape and attempted murder and ultimately getting revenge on her tormenters devotes herself between working as an assault hotline operator, going to group counselling, and getting personal therapy for her ordeal, under the assumed name, Angela.

However she is tormented by the other women’s stories of abuse and rape in the therapy group and secretly takes revenge on the men who have harmed her friends, originally unsure until beginning a relationship with one of the girls a goth style chick named Marla whose death finally pushes her over the edge and back into a desire of revenge and vengeance.

I-spit-on-you-grave-3-sarah butler

Unfortunately though, in the end the film was poorly executed, which after watching it, made me even more surprised that Sarah Butler agreed to participate and revisit a character which has made her a bit infamous.

The most glaring thing I took away from this film is the almost comical fact that despite its name or maybe sadly in spite of its place in the franchise of the previous films that share its name… this attempt to contrive (revive?) the “rape revenge” exploitation sub-genre in reality has no actual scenes of rape very little revenge with the sad exceptions of shallow and disillusioned (read annoying) fantasy/dreamlike acts.

Also surprisingly, i was not expecting her character to be so passive aggressive, it just did not seem natural or interesting, I was even more surprised by the character the goth like chick Marla who seemed to be an overzelous enabler for a character (Jennifer) whom in retrospect obviously should not have need one, i did not see the purpose of the character, (Marla) who all but eclipses the main star of the film she (Marla) seemed pretentious and over bearing…the only way i might consider the character in any form of necessity and which i kept waiting for was them to become lesbian lovers, it just makes sense and would have made a much more reliable motive for the violence which Jennifer/Angela inflicts throughout the last portion of the film.

The two becoming lesbian lovers just seemed like all too natural, given their distaste for men and their kindling friendship and would again have made Jennifer/Angela’s “vengeance” so much more necessary and emotionally fulfilling both for the character and the audience. (not to mention giving us a much needed dose of gratuitous nudity and or sex which sadly is non existent.) Instead Marla’s death seems less like a driving catalyst and more superficial, almost patronizing.

In that sense I admit my disappointment of the film in the same prose that i hated Human Centipede one …. not out of any distaste of the concept of ideal the film proposed but of the misguided and un-fulfilling manner in which the stories were told.

When the film finally begins to show its teeth (show-horse) so to speak, its too late, the overuse of flashbacks scenes from the first film, and contemptuous use of “dream fantasies” has already ruined any hope of any necessary or interesting use of “vengeance”

In the end the film degrades itself into become only a self depreciating 3rd chapter of a franchise which was already poorly looked upon due to its subject matter.  And instead becomes the third course serving of a meal which was already ripe and ready to spoil… which is the real tragedy as it could have actually worked in theory if it had been done correctly – which again is why the biggest surprise is why Sarah Butler even agreed to return to the character in the first place…_MG_7136

In short, if you were like me, one of the persons who enjoys these type of films and can appreciate it for what it is I would sincerely suggest ignoring I spit on your grave 3 and instead watch (if you have not already seen)  I Spit on Your Grave 2, it is much more satisfying an adventure and filled with gratuitous (glorious?) amounts of nudity, sex and violence.