Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

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I was not planning originally on reviewing “Guardians” until it came out on netflix, but my girlfriend kept saying how many people had said how good it was and dragged me along.  I will admit openly that after seeing the film… My perception of the self-titled team was not any more invested than before.   The only real reason I went was to see my favorite Marvel character of all time Thanos, and while it was fun to finally see him and hear him speak, and see him on his flying throne, his extremely limited actual screen time was woefully under used. The other antagonists that were used I had to only sit and wonder why there were so many of them, how none of them really seemed to be a legitimate threat.

And as for the Guardians themselves, none of them really had any superpowers  were that interesting  of characters.  In the end I think that was the films real downfall, was simply too many divergent characters, all of them “too alien”  to become emotionally invested in, and almost all poorly written and even more poorly acted.  I can not remember the last time I watched something filled with so many character, none of which I cared for at all.(except for the tv series Friends)  (or Eragon) It was more of a scifi space drama than a super hero team action plot,       “… all Sound and Fury, signifying Nothing”   I think the best way to explain my opinion is to actually fall back, ironically to the critics “consensus” (according to wikipedia’s paraphrased critical reaction section via Rotton Tomatoes)  of an altogether better  different film; the Green Lantern:


“….Noisy, overproduced, and thinly written, Green Lantern Guardians of the Galaxy, squanders an impressive budget and decades of comics mythology…”

source:  RottonTomatoes