Review: Fantastic Four

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Fantastic-Four-Reboot-Promo-Team-Photo-TextlessFinally deciding to actually pay and go see the newest incarnation of marvel’s “First Family” was kinda like finally watching Human Centipede first sequence.

….Ok I guess that statement requires a bit of explanation.  Both film were and are infamous for being utterly destroyed by both critics and audience alike. The noise and fury of the hatred and disgust is wildly overwhelming and somewhat misplaced. In both cases I was severly apprehensive to watch the either films due to the deluge each film got in terms of negativity which served to pre-determine my mindset going into the experiance.  But then again most people cannot think outside their little matchbook sized box of thinking, but I digress.

In the end, all things being equal, both Fantastic Four and Human Centipede first sequence are not good films but also are not as horrible as you might imagine.  The disgust and shock is all in your head.


While I very much prefered this “version” of the Fantastic Four when compared against the first attempt and or its sequel, it is not the best but easily not the worst superhero film I have seen, that distinction would have to go to either, Dardevil, Catwoman or maybe Hulk or the first transformers movie… take your pick.

But I cannot deny the effort of  Fantastic Four’s well meaning attempt, if for no other reason than the special effects were decent, and with all the other superhero movies so far it was fun to try and discover all the hidden easter eggs and try and make connection to other films (Like the main scientist is the same actor who portrayed Mr Blue in Incredible Hulk? not sure if that was just a casting coincidence or a connection

Not to say there were not major flaws in the movie mostly pacing, they should have cut out all the backstories entirely and started in the middle  so  even though yes the first forty minutes of the film were boring as hell and completely drawn out and  the following fifty minute are muddled as far as the storyline is concerned and yes the villain (Dr Doom)  does not appear in the film until the last twenty minutes. Despite all that and in spite of my convictions, I feel comfortable in saying At first I got caught up in the mass hysteria of judgment and condemnation for something that was not as nearly as bad as the fear mongers had described.