Review – “The Bucket List”

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The Bucket List  was supposed to be an enjoyable feel good drama about two old men with cancer who  meet in the hospital and, in spite of being complete opposites in respect to all the status quid pro quo  aspects of their lives money, family, mentality and even race, become friends.  The only thing they have in common at the beginning is well, cancer.  They end up on an adventure fulfilling every item on a “bucket list, which   includes activities that Morgan Freeman’s character could not have accomplished without Jack Nicholson’s characters money” includes sky diving and a trip around the world, to a number of the most amazing places, including the Taja Mahaul, Paris, and the Great Wall of China.

While the film is supposed to teach the audience  endearing  life lessons about friendship, the inner goodness inherent in everyone, and all that heartwarming stuff, those ideas are consistently being lost, pushed aside  by the single nagging thought of “I wish I could meet a rich person and go around the world, all expenses paid.”

However being a pessimist pragmatist I did learn a few lessons and started my own bucket list in the process….

1. If given the choice, say NO to chemotherapy

2. Make friends with a rich person.

3. and last but definitely not least – say YES to a beautiful hooker, (especially if she has been PAID IN FULL by someone else. )