Francis Dolarhyde cast for Hannibal Season 3!

Francis Dolyarhyde cast for Hannibal Season 3

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The first two seasons of  NBC’s critically acclaimed series Hannibal were bitter sweet; almost completely original in regards to its storyline and character portrayals when measured against its source material. As a fan of the Thomas Harris novel “Red Dragon” I have waited impatiently for the new season ever since learning from showrunner Bryan Fuller months ago that the stories told in the novels will not begin to be developed into the series until the beginning of Season 3 and hopefully following through his conceived seven season arc.


Now comes the most exciting yet. Francis Dolarhyde  aka “THE DRAGON” the main antagonist of the source material novel “Red Dragon” has officially been cast, to be played by  Richard Armitage, who most recently starred as Thorin in latest Lord of the Rings trilogy of films.  As a major geek fan of the character and his torrid upbringing and later mentally divergent life, leading him to murder entire families,  I have never truly felt the character has yet been correctly portrayed onscreen.  Just to recap:

There was an unsettling     soft spoken portrayal by Tom Noonan in the 1980s noir cult            classic   “Manhunter

tom noonan the dragon






The which basically                   typecast William Petersen   for the rest of his career



william petersen red dragon





And then the slightly more                dramatic portrayal by        Ralph Fiennes in the    2002       remake Red Dragon.

ralph feinnes red dragon