Rampage video game being adapted into a feature film

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rampage-video-game-movieAfter Battleship and with rumors of other classic board games being adated into film, such as Mouse Trap, Life and Monopoly I guess it is not suprising to hear that someone somwhere decided on the ideal of making the game Rampage, where monster attack and destroy cities into a movie.

Deadline is reporting that director Brad Peyton – who has previously worked e San Andreas and the 3D family adventure Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – is lining up to helm the Rampage film. Peyton is a particularly hot commodity, following the $460 million worldwide gross of San Andreas, and it’s likely that New Line will target Rampage for the same disaster action film audience.

Official plot details for Rampage have yet to be revealed, though the screenplay written by Ryan Engle (Non-Stop) is going to be “consistent with the game,” according to Deadline‘s sources. That means the film should involve giant monsters wreaking havoc across North America, in some fashion or another.