The Purge 3:Election Year final trailer online

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The ideal of “the Purge” film series began with a boring “no good deed goes unpunished” story limited by following the story of a single family, the second was a little bit more interesting, while still focusing on Murder, specifically, did show some fun aspects of long awaited seeding revenge stories until near the last forty minutes where it introduced the concept that the Purge was a included a secret government ploy to “get rid”  of all the lower class citizens, the homeless, degenerates, anyone deemed a drain on the system.  Basically it introduced the concept of government sanctioned selective genocide.purge-3-trailer

The Purge itself was always very careful to specifically state that Murder was allowed, as if the-purge-election-year-i-purged-bannerthat was the end all be all of deviant albeit institutionally  violent behavior, but after the second film I was really hoping that they would look past Murder and focus on more simple, intimidate crimes, like rape, basic physical assaults, deep seeded revenge stories, basically more violent simple short stories for violence sake.  I felt that would have been so much more interesting and a much necessary change of pace for the overall concept even to the extent of possibly making the next film a first person POV story or a more simple and raw found footage style film.

Unfortunately the new trailer shows the complete opposite, pulling the government and political aspects of the films ideal tighter and wasting the chance to make something that is more a quick stylish “feed your eyes” style experience.