Pixles movie trailer – all those video games you loved as a kid are coming to kill you

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I just saw the first trailer for the upcoming comedy film Pixels, which apparently is about aliens who think our video games and their lovable characters like Pac-man and Donkey Kong are real and decide to use them to kill us all. the basic premise – aliens mistaking pop culture icons was originally used back in the late eighties with the family film “the Explorers” featuring the film debuts of a very young Ethan Hawke and RIver Phoenix but i digress…

While my virgin impressions of the initial concept feel mixed,  one part nostalgia, a few cents of affordably geek boy love, and a measured amount of quirky fun offset by little overall silliness all mixed together I am actually looking forward to seeing it.  If only for the ability of some of the films fore-runners, specifically, Wreck it Ralph and Scott Pilgrim vs the World to dispel any overt misgivings as both of which  I throughly enjoyed, if only for my nostalgic geek boy unadulterated love for coin-op video arcade games, retro or otherwise.  Anyways check out the first trailer, the film comes out this summer.

source: Sony pictures via youtube