A number of new television series on the horizon (minority report series UPDATED)

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After my great television series viewing habits excommunication of 2013-2014 included, “Bates Motel” way too many other character and event having very little to do with Norman himself   “Helix” from Syfy an incredible messy storyline of overused sci-fi themes which is a perfect example that confusing does NOT equal interesting, sleepy hollow from Fox, an ugly failed attempt at mixing supernatual the X-files/and apocalyptic myths  and the now canceled CBS crime drama “Intelligence”  basically “person of interest” but with the super computer shrunk into a microchip and put into one cops brain to name just a few, while having to suffer the inexplicable cancellations of some much better series including Last Resort, Alphas and Crisis.


Many tv series in development for the upcoming 2015 season and beyond, including American Psycho, by FX (while the network is known for its edgy content, I am equally curious and nervous to see if it can handle the subject matter but I think it could do well if it takes the more ambiguous fantasy vs reality route which dominated the last few chapters of the notorious novel, ) and Stephen Spielberg is rumored to have begun development of a series based on the Philip K. Dick short story   the Hit 2005 film Minority Report, then there is an MTV production based on the Scream film series rumored to possibly feature GhostFace as  real ghost??, (find out more) while the NBC series of Constantine is set to premiere less than two months away which is supposedly following more closely to the source material than the self titled 2005 film.  (check out the official trailer) (let’s only pray it’s better than the anguishingly  boring and thankfully canceled “Dracula”)  HBO is working on a television series prequel of  Scorsese’s sadly predictable film Shutter Island. The series will follow “…the secrets and misdeeds perpetrated by [the] founders…” and while the concept of an old insane asylum psychiatric hospital and the near medieval methods and practices that were used back in the early parts of the 20th century might be an interesting one, even if it also has been used before. (the Kink on CineMax and AHS: Asylum) And finally Lifetime (????) has ordered six episodes of a new television series based on The Omen.

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