new found footage film The Gallows trailer now online

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The found footage genre (or sub genre if you prefer) has always had two distinct and passionate audience bases, on the one side are people like me who enjoy them mainly because i just like horror movies and the shaky camera style does not make me nauseous of course depending on the plot some of them are great for intimate POV scares that are simplistic yet stylish. (Blair Witch, Grave Encounters, Paranormal Activity one, V/H/S 2 Diary of the Dead. REC) then their are the sub-subgenre of the slasher, mokumentary style films which I enjoy even more (The Collingswood Story, The Poughkippsee Tapes, and Home Video,) While others (mostly sequels) are ok but not great. 


the Gallows

Now the latest in the genre called the Gallows from the producers of Paranormal Activity and Insidious. While this first trailer does not win any awards, just a couple basic genre style jump scares. Some of the imagery, is quite creepy. (see above) Check out the trailer below: I think this is the only time I actually liked hearing a cover of Nivana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit

The Gallows arrives in theaters on July 10th, 2015.