New Batman trilogy in the works…?

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Deadline is reporting that WB pushed back the release dates for two new Affleck vehicles: his next directorial outing, Live by Night, has been pushed back from its initial October 7, 2016 debut to an unspecified point in 2017, while The Accountant (directed by Gavin O’Connor and starring Affleck) has taken Live by Night‘s most recent spot (having previously been set to arrive on January 29, 2016).

In a separate report, Den of Geek is claiming that WB delaying the two films stems from the studio’s desire to develop a trilogy of standalone Batman films starring Affleck. Apparently, studio executives are so impressed by his performance as Bruce Wayne in Batman V Superman, that they are in the early stages of putting together a so-called “Golden Deal” that would extend Affleck’s contract to include a new batman trilogy.