Minority Report tv series trailer now online

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Minority Report (the TV show) picks up about a decade after Spielberg’s movie, as the PreCrime system of murder prevention has been abandoned and made illegal, while the three Precogs – whose psychic abilities allowed PreCrime to operate – are now living off the grid. However, one of the Precogs, Dash, decides to seek help from the police, in the hope of being able to prevent the terrible visions of the future (which continue to haunt him) from coming true.

For dramatic pacing purposes, supposedly, Dash can only “see” fragments of the visions of the crimes and the rest is seen by his missing brother Arthur. How convenient… I really enjoy the film but the series seems too familiar, cop get non-cop partner with extraordinary abilities, the duo fight crime, it is one of the oldest, most over used storylines ever produced, and reproduced.  From recent incarnation like Almost Human, and Person of  Interest to 1990s series like Kung Fu: The Legend continues to even older series in the 1980s like Sidekicks, starring a young Ernie Reyes Jr or the short lived series “Something is Out There.

I only hope the series will hold up against its seemingly simple narrative and anchor to its strengths, the mythology and pre-history set up by the film. check out the trailer below

source: Fox