Martyrs remake planned for 2015

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Martyrs1Martyrs is a special kind of movies and by that I mean that even for a die hard horror genre afficinado as myself, watching the fim, is like a insane, violent, bloody, almost obsene stress test that has gone horribly wrong.Let me explain it this way, the director said in an interview the most difficult part of the film was not the film itself or ever the special effects, but was in fact having to constantly keep the lead acctresses CRYING.   And this is being said by a person who has watched such films as All the Human Centipede films, The I spit on you grave remake and its sequel, and even the Siberian Film images (11)and come out basically unscathed. It is also one of the first films to be associated with the fringe film making style affectionatily called “New French Extremity”  and includes such other pieces of “ultra violence” such as 330px-Insideposter 330px-FrontiersposterÀ l’intérieur, a.k.a. Inside“and “Frontiere(s) 

I highly recommend all the aformentioned films, but only in moderation and only for the stong willed and those with stong stomachs and even stronger nerves.

Now come news that an american remake of the original Martyrs is currently being developed for an assumed 2015 release In February 2015 the new productions company’s Blumhouse Productions and The Safran Company announced that the movie was already filmed and that the Goetz Brothers, Michael and Kevin, had directed with the leads stars Bailey Noble, Troian Bellisario, Kate Burton and Blake Robbins.