Mark Miller gives Civil War plot details …

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1432494922_captain-america-civil-war1According to Millar – speaking to IGN – the most important aspect of Civil War resides in the narrative’s main themes: “The important thing really is the Superhero Registration Act essentially. It has nothing to do with secret identities.”  The main plot can succeed even when separated from the various characters revolving around the core storyline.

“What it’s about is Iron Man feels anybody who is walking around with a nuclear reactor on their back or whatever should be under government control of some kind. They should be maybe working for the government the same way cops work for local government. And it’s sensible when you think about it. It totally makes sense. You have a license, you make sure this guy is okay, you make sure he doesn’t have a criminal record and all this kind of stuff. And it’s sensible but Captain America’s against it because he comes from a simpler time and he feels superheroes should be autonomous and not be involved in politics.Captain-America-Civil-War-Iron-Man-vs-Steve-Rogers (1)

“It’s an ideological argument between the two, and that’s all that matters. That’s what Civil War is — it’s Iron Man vs. Captain America, and they’re both right, they’re both good guys. Because the moment you demonize one of them, then the story loses its power. You’ve got to like both of these guys, they’re both correct, and that’s why guys we like go to either side with them, too.”