Limitless tv series trailer now online

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limitless 1

A man’s reach generally exceeds his grasp” – Tesla

Limitless was a suprise film to say the least, the original trailer was dismissed by most who viewed it (including myself)  as it did not properly explain the films plot, a man who discovers a medication which allows a person to access all of their intellect and achive superhuman cognative ability.  A film, which while having its flaws was much more interesting and exciting than the trailer was able to explain. That being said I really enjoyed the film and its premise, I highly reccomend it.

The 2011 film directed by Neil Burger (which in turn was based on Alan Glynn’s novel “The Dark Fields”), which has been adapted into a TV show.  A show which as so many before it (Almost Human, Person of Interest, the Blacklist, and upcoming series Minorit Report, Blindspot, and Lucifer, among others) has taken on the genre guise of a cop procedual premise.limitless 2

Despite the overused premise of people with ordinary people using extraordinary abilities to help solve crimes, suprisingly the series is retain the services of Bradley Cooper who starred in the original film as progtagonist Edward Mora, as a reccuring character.  (the show is being produced by Cooper, along with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. ALong with Director Burger also returning to helm the pilot episode and possibly more.

Limitless will air on Tuesdays at 10PM on CBS, starting this fall.

Source: CBS