Lifetime making a deal with the Antichrist – The Omen tv series is coming..

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Despite the large number of abominations attempts at continuing the story of the original 1976 classic film the Omen, including two theatrical sequels, two tv movies, the 2005 miniseries and the shot for shot 2006 film remake, now The Fox Television Network has apparently decided to make another deal with the devil by hiring Glen Mazzara (The Shield and current The Walking Dead show runner), to pen the Omen television series for Lifetime know for primarily creating “tele-dramas”  mainly marketed at female views and dealing almost exclusively with social issues such as rape, murder, stalkers, and other social injustices usually with female protagonists.  which has reportedly only ordered six episodes, only half of the usual run for the first season of a new series.  They say the Devil is in the details and so far none have been very forthcoming of the approach to the premise so far. I personally hope they go with a more sinister, political thriller approach, and explore Damien as a young man set in a current 21st century time period, make it more realistic and gritty, and anti-hero character and not try to use the supernatural themes which have never really worked in any of the other previous incarnations. Even though with the lead character being the Antichrist, the apparent  Herald of Satan, obviously some paranormal plot devices will be expected.  I suppose the storyline could even move through the End of Days, culminating in the “Tribulation” period, something akin to the Apocalypse fantastically show on the WB series Supernatural. Time will tell.   source Entertainment Weekly