Legend of Conan to be the first in a New Conan Trilogy…?

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“Well, Universal Studios has for the first time, six months ago, expressed interest… even though I’ve now asked for the last ten years to get serious about the Conan series and not look at it as a B-movie or just an edgy action movie but as any quality movie and hire the best directors and the best writers.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger 2013

A sequel to Conan the Destroyer (titled Conan the Conqueror) was planned back in the 1980s, but Schwarzenegger’s commitment to Predator – coupled with the Red Sonja spinoff tanking – left the movie dead in the water. 

There was even a time long long ago when the Wachowski  Brothers had once been in the process of developing a script and even had storyboards of fight scenes which were said to rival those in Lord of the Rings: Two Towers.

Now, according to The Arnold Fans, The Legend of Conan may instead be the starting point for a whole new trilogy starring Schwarzenegger in one of his most beloved roles as the famous barbarian-turned-king. The site caught up with Fredrik Malmberg, president and CEO of Paradox Entertainment – the current property holders of the Conan franchise – and got further details on the film’s status.

“Oh, it’s happening. We have a great story. Everyone loves it. This is a role that’s perfect for [Arnold] and he’s very involved with the whole Universal team. It’s the best team they have. Arnold has been very instrumental to bringing this together saying, ‘We gotta make a good Conan!’ I think if we do this right, we can do two more ‘Conan’ movies right after. I think ‘Game of Thrones’ also shows a huge interest in fantasy. I’m psyched about it.”

But as the failed 2011 reboot proved moviegoers today seem to gravitate more toward the techo/sci-fi themed movies, even if they are bad films (RoboCop 2014, Total Recall 2012) more than Fantasy, specifically Sword and Sorcery genre.

 I am embarassed to admit I actually kinda liked it, even if I only fastforwarded through to each of the action sequences and ignored the bad dialogue and acting

By the time The Legend of Conan hits theaters, Schwarzenegger will be nearing 70 years old. Nevertheless, Malmberg doesn’t think the actor’s age will affect the possibility of further Conan adventures.Old-Conan-in-Legend-of-Conan

“. In fact Arnold – judging by other classic actors like Eastwood who’s in his 80s – still looks badass. I think if this film is good and is well received, then I don’t think we have to say ‘no’ to Arnold for several more movies. We can keep going forward, even after he ages.”


source: AICN / The Arnold Fans via screenrant