Keanu Reeves give Bill and Ted 3 update

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Alex-Winter-and-Keanu-Reeves-in-Bill-and-Teds-Excellent-AdventureBill and Ted 3 coming soon?  The journey to the third Excellent Adventure of William “Bill” S. Preston Esq. (Alex Winter) and “Ted” Theodore Logan  (Keanu Reeves) has been filled with hopeful conjecture and seemingly numberous false starts.  In 2012 a script was in the works  and at one point there was even an attached director Then in  2014 Keanu Reeves gave an interview in which he gave some cryptic information about an updated version of the characters, and then last year, Alex Winter was upbeat about Bill & Ted 3 while promoting his Deep Web documentary, but the momentum and information was honestly more bogus than excellent.

Speaking with IGN,  Keanu recently  admitted that the long-awaited second sequel is still somewhat moving forward which at the same time standing still, explaining that the script was moving forward, with studio involvement, but Bill & Ted 3 wouldn’t come to fruition until everything felt right with the script. Reeves explains:

“We’re just trying to get the script together. We’re trying to get the story right. We’re working with this studio so we have a little bit of support, in a sense of like if the material comes through we’ll try and make this picture. We’re really just still trying to get the story right but we are closer and not closer. We’re expecting another draft and hopefully we’ll get closer.”

Seeing as the last adventure The Great Ones, their Bogus Journey was all the way back in 1991, the film series has reached beyond the “general” waiting period in which Hollywood usually decided to reboot or remake a given fan loved franchise or film and the continuing cryptic nature of the updates not to mention that a third film would be basically a purely nostalgic outing at this point I am left like most fans waiting but not worrying too much about the future.