Insidious 3 new trailer now online

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I love horror movies!  All types, genre and sub genres, does not matter, I’ll watch anything. (once) And in my view the Insidious franchise is one of the best horror series of the last few years.  Though I will freely admit that my distinct opinions of the merits and flaws of the first film vs the second one are askewed and in some cases the complete opposite of many other critics.  I thought the first one was ok, definitely interesting and definitely has some of the more memorable scenes.

insidious creepy


The seance was such a unique and moody  creepy nail biting scene.  But I personally loved the sequel  the use of using events in the sequel to directly tie in and rhetorically explain scenes from the first was not only pure magic but also kept you thinking, terrified of what was to come next while at the same time making connections to the earlier film’s more mysterious moments.

And now we come to Insidious chapter 3, which is supposed to “go back to the beginning”  which generally is a bad ideal it franchises, Exorcist: the beginning or Paranormal Activity 3 or nearly any of the Saw sequels  still I am hopeful and awaiting the June 5th premiere. Check out the newest trailer:

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