Insidious 3 and the Conjuring 2 get new release dates and trailers

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The first Insidious film which I enjoyed to a point it did have some very memorable intense moments  but overall I found it to be a bit intrepid and not it a complimentary way, it gave me the same feeling I get when I visit Halloween Horror Nights in Orlando, it is fun but also mostly too familiar to all its predecessors and thus enjoyable but also a bit underwhelming.

insidious creepy

But the sequel on the other hand was a stroke of genius in its intelligent and unexpected ways of interconnecting itself with the first film.  I was enthralled, terrified, amazed and excited with Insidious 2, the use of the direct and strong in story connections to the first film was a feat of brilliance to watch and learn, recognize and appreciate.

Now the third installment trailer is claiming to “go back to the beginning” with Dermot Mulroney star of last year’s great tv series Crisis that wasn’t given the credit it deserved  calling on paranormal investigators to help when his teenage daughter is terrorized by malevolent supernatural forces.

Insidious: Chapter 3 is scheduled for  theatrical release on June 5th, 2015.

I actually jumped out of my chair when watching the teaser trailer for the Conjuring thanks to the hands coming unexpectedly out of the darkness and clapping so close to Lili Taylor’s face as she held a single burning match.  I got even more excited when it was reported that the film had been given a R rating for simply being “too scary”  and that no amount of editing might change that. Check it out below:

Now the sequel, subtitled “The Enfield Poltergeist” will apparently have the Warrens self described paranormal investigator/demonologist husband-wife team of Ed and Lorraine Warren  portrayed by Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga reprising their roles from the first movie traveling to Enfield England to investigate the haunting of two sisters, allegedly possessed.  As with the first film and all other based on a true story horror films claim the plot was “based on actual event”  from the case files of the Warrens from the 1970’s the so called Enfield Poltergist, but as per usual the truth/reality of paranormal activities and their supposed investigators while it may be stranger than fiction but not nearly as entertaining.  The Conjuring 2 is set to be release on June 10th 2015. Check out the trailer below.

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