Independence Day 2 casting news

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independence dayThe sequel to the 1996 box office hit Independence Day has confirmed casting, including the return of Jeff Goldblum, and Bill Pullham and new comers Liam Hemsworth (Thor) being offered the new lead role along with newcomer Jessie Usher.

Roland Emmerich is returning to direct and write the sequel. The plot is supposedly about a second fleet of alien invaders which attacks the earth again.  It sounds horribly redundant but will hopefully have some surprises, but no other specific details are currently know.

The original film was a visually exciting, near end of the world summer blockbuster film back when it was release nearly 20 years ago, it will be interesting to see if, given the vast upgrade in technology and special visual effects methods and means will live up to the hype as most of his more recent  doomsday films have done in the past or if it will just make the original feel antiquated.


source: THR