Human Centipede 3 trailer now online (the end is near)

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human centipede one poster
I will never forget seeing the poster for the first human centipede film. I honestly thought it was a joke.

After viewing the films (yes I have watched one and two) All I keep thinking (regarding the series creator Tom Six) is like Gene Hackman said to Will Smith in Enemy of the State….

…He is either incredibly smart, or incredibly stupid….

human-centipede-2Now I have an itching feeling Tom Six is a demented genius and planned this escapade into debauchery and celluloid degradation all from the start.  I also believe that each film and their obtuse differences in style and tone and production value was also planned years in advance…

the-human-centipede one

The only thing I am unsure about, and its probably one of the greatest mysteries in movie making history, is how he got away with it.  It is rumored that the financiers of the first film did not know all the details until production wrapped/  Where and how did he manage that?

Anyways, check out the trailer for Human Centipede Final Sequence. And for those of you who have never seen any of the films and consider them blasphemy or an abomination to entertainment, relax and be calm, this is the last one, the nightmare is almost over.