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hellraiser collageWith the “final word” on “Pinhead” appearing soon within the pages of the upcoming Scarlet Gospels this May, i thought i would give an update on what other “definitive” works regarding the hellraiser mythos is currently developing:

Leviathan: the story of hellraiser one and two – the 3 disc special edition documentary is scheduled to be released on April 13th of 2015 find out how to get you copy at their website here.

UNEARTH: the HELLRAISER SAGA has been in production since its announcement in 2010 according to clivebarker.info… “Camelot Entertainment Group and MasiMedia are in production on Unearthed: The Hellraiser Saga – an exhaustive documentary on the Clive Barker-created franchise that thrives across various mediums…a project that will run about 90 minutes but will contain hours and hours of bonus features that delve into the Hellraiser films, comics and more.

Hellraiser: Origins, is an impressive teaser video created by director Mike Le Han (Britain’s Biggest Heist, Crimes That Shook Britain) and concept art Paul Gerrard (Wrath of the Titans, Battle Los Angeles) to accompany a pitch for a reimagining of Hellraiser.

Editors note: this is NOT a teaser trailer for the ORIGINAL HELLRAISER REBOOTcurrently being WRITTEN and DIRECTED by the amazing Mr. CLIVE BARKER but rather a long gestating re-imagining of the mythology and concepts of the HELLRAISER MYTHOS pitched to Deminsion films a few years ago.

for more info like concept art on the pitch of  “ORIGINS” check out their site.

For info on the HELLRAISER remake being currently WRITTEN AND DIRECTED by CLIVE BARKER check out his official new website @ clivebarker.info