He-Man live action movie coming soon….?

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Even though He-Man as a commodity is still alive and kicking, with new action figures released in stores to accompany the 2002 animated series and a 2012 comic book limited series by DC Comics.  There is a sense that everyone, from studios, to fans and everyone else in between is still trying to recover from the horrible  unforgettable, embarrassing problem ridden 1987 live action film entitled “Masters of the Universe”  which starred  Dolph Lundgren (Rocky 4 and Expendables one and two) as He-Man and Frank Langella (Robot & Frank 2012, The Ninth Gate 1999, and Nixon/Frost 2008) and Courteney Cox. Masters_of_the_universe

And yet responding to a fan about the prospects of Masters of the Universe ever coming to theaters on Twitter, Senior Vice President of Production at Columbia Pictures DeVon Franklin tweeted:

“@Farafamgama @JeffWadlow is working 247, we’ll have a draft into the studio for the holidays,” “By the power of Grayskull, this will happen!”

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